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I attended Semester At Sea during their Fall, 1980 voyage. Having the entire world as my own personal campus was one of the most exciting and worth-while experiences of my life. You can learn more about my three+ months at sea (including pictures and stories) by surfing the links in my Voyage Itinerary.

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Memories & Pictures from my Voyage
Fall 1980

During my voyage two unbelieveable things happened back in the United States: John Lennon was shot dead, and Ronald Reagan was elected president. Both announcements were shocking news on our ship. Most of us did not believe John Lennon could possibly be dead. When the news was finally confirmed (it took at least a day) we were in mourning. Many people cried and talked about John and his life. As for Ronald Reagan being elected, our onboard election was overwhelmingly in favor of Carter and Anderson, so we were very surprised that Reagan won.

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Have you lost touch with a shipmate? Would you like to leave an open message for a shipmate or particular voyage? Send me an e-mail containing the text of your message for that person. Be sure to include your name and voyage designation.

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Alumni Pages

Name Voyage URL
Mark Martin F84 http://mark-a-martin.us/travel/sematsea/index.html
Tony Fiorini F94 http://home.earthlink.net/~tonyfiorini/
Yanic Arsenault S95 http://members.tripod.com/~world_born
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Heidi Moon S98 http://www.heidi-at-sea.com/
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Brett Shiel F98 http://campus.fortunecity.com/belmont/916/SASPictures.html
Shannon Swallows F98 http://shannonks.com/SAS/index.html
Allon Mason F98 http://allon.com/sas/indexsas.html
Pat Lilja S99 http://www.patlilja.net/semesteratsea/opening.html
Minh-Chau Nguye F99 http://www.minhchau.net/sas.html
Charles Tsai F99 http://communities.msn.com/CharlesTsaisSemesteratSea
Larry Butler F99 http://chnm.gmu.edu/courses/butler/sematsea.htm
Galetta Family F99 http://www.pitt.edu/~atsea/
Derek Burger S00 http://www.localaccess.com/burger/travels.htm
Lee Ryan Miller S03 http://www.LeeRyanMiller.com
Patrick Hensler S04 http://www.phensler.com/semester_at_sea_photos.htm

Special Semester at Sea Pages

Name URL
Community Page F98 http://communities.msn.com/SemesterAtSeaF98/home.htm
Community Page S99 http://communities.msn.com/SASS99
Community F00 http://communities.msn.com/semesteratseafall2000


"Damaged Ship Carrying Students Docks"
(from Jeanette J. LeeAssociated Press).

"College students thaw U.S.-Cuban relations"
(from CNN).

"Bus Crash Kills U.S. Students in India"
(from CNN).

"Semester at Sea Keeps Studies Aloat"
by Cassie Frank (from The Michegan Daily).

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